Phoenix Authentication with Pow - Part 2

Feb 4, 2019

In part 1 we set up a basic installation of Pow. In today's post we'll add session persistence, registration confirmation and the ability to reset passwords.

Phoenix Authentication with Pow - Part 1

Jan 30, 2019

Managing user registration and sessions is a pretty common use case when building out an application. Writing a custom solution is always an option, but it's a bonus if we can save ourselves some work by "borrowing instead of building". When it comes to working with Phoenix, Pow provides a great solution for authentication. We'll look into how to go about using Pow in today's post.

Adding a budget feature to our expense tracker - Part 4

Jan 24, 2019

In part 3 we finished off our budget functionality, but currently there is no way to exclude certain categories from the budget. Today we'll close off the budget enhancement by adding the ability to scope which categories are included in the budget.

Using a Bootstrap theme with Jekyll

Jan 22, 2019

When creating a website it can be challenging to come up with an aesthetically pleasing design; especially if you aren't a web designer. Luckily there are a number of sites that provide Bootstrap themes, and these are a great way to get started. Today we'll look at how to make use of a Bootstrap theme within Jekyll.

Adding a budget feature to our expense tracker - Part 3

Jan 17, 2019

In part 2 we made some good progress on our new budget feature. Today we'll finish off the core budget enhancement functionality.