We are all legacy code - Part 3

Nov 15, 2018

Last time (after a bit of a struggle) we were able to get our legacy code running locally. Today we'll be focusing on getting all the tests both running and passing.

We are all legacy code - Part 2 (Updated)

Nov 11, 2018

In our last legacy code post, we had a look through our application and identified a fair number of bugs. Today we'll be looking to get the code up and running on our local development environment.

We are all legacy code - Part 1

Oct 29, 2018

Little strikes dread into the heart of a software developer more than the words 'legacy code'. Struggling to understand, fix or integrate out of date legacy code can be a challenge. Worse, sometimes that legacy code is of our own making. In this series of posts I'll be dealing with this exact situation and attempting to improve the health of some of my own legacy code.

A bit of a blog about blogging

Oct 1, 2018

A short post regarding some of my general thoughts around blogging. Why do it? Is there anything I've learned after posting on and off (mostly off) for the past few years?

Creating a Twitter Scraper in Elixir - Part 7

Aug 16, 2018

In part 6 we improved the useability of our Scraper. In part 7 we'll continue in this vein by adding some basic error handling.