We are all legacy code - Part 8

Dec 14, 2018

Last time we finished off our code changes, so today we'll be running through some final testing and then deploying to production!

We are all legacy code - Part 7

Dec 7, 2018

Almost all our code fixes and enhancements are done. All we have left is restricting new sign-ups. This is what we will be working on today.

We are all legacy code - Part 6

Dec 1, 2018

Last time we resolved our email configuration issues and removed our Twitter authentication functionality. This time around we'll be fixing the functionality which allows a user to change their email address.

We are all legacy code - Part 5

Nov 25, 2018

Last time we ensured we could deploy and run our updated code on a Heroku instance. We also had a look at our remaining application issues. This time we'll be tackling a few of those issues.

We are all legacy code - Part 4

Nov 19, 2018

Last post we sorted out our tests. As a bonus a few of our bugs ended up getting fixed as well. This time out, we're going to deploy our updated code to a test Heroku instance, and figure out a plan for our remaining issues.